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An immense purple stellar nursery is pictured against the dark blue backdrop of outer space dotted with twinkling stars. A purple exoplanet is highlighted in the center, as viewed through a telescope lens.

Gateway to Pixoplanet

❤️ Gateway to some of the most thought-provoking, entertaining, and interesting blogs, graphic designs, and print-on-demand products in the universe ☮️

A polar bear mother rests in the snow as her energetic cub climbs on top of her and eyes the camera.

❤️ Hi, I'm Jamiese. These pages showcase the blog posts, graphic designs, and print-on-demand products I've recently created on a number of topics of interest to me. I sincerely hope you'll enjoy them, as well.

On every page, you'll also find links to my social media accounts and print on demand stores... 

Pixoplanet Blogs


❤️ If you like popular culture, sports, dinosaurs, animals, history, geography, butterflies, tribal affairs, the cosmos, or just the plain and simple truth, I believe you're going to enjoy your visit here...

Pixoplanet Design Galleries

Cicadas have apparently invaded Mars and are climbing all over the Curiosity Land Rover.

❤️ I create all of my graphic designs from images that come from any one or more of these four types of sources: Either the image is in the public domain, the copyright status is unknown, I own the license, or I've been granted permission from the owner to publish. I make changes to every source image to make each creation my own. I hope you enjoy... 

Pixoplanet Product Showcase


❤️ Here you'll see my digital graphic art designs as they appear on actual products. Each image includes a link to the product at my Pixoplanet print-on-demand store.

Young people are sporting green Black Excellence, red USA Eagle Flag, and blue Cute Hyena t-shirts.

About Pixoplanet

A chimpanzee appears to be deep in thought as it eats termites off a twig.

❤️ I have two passions – writing and graphic design. I love to blog, and I love to create digital artwork that advocates for science, inclusion, and the truth about what I consider to be important, interesting, and/or popular topics of the day.

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