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Welcome to Pixoplanet

A magnificent adult polar bear is standing on an ice floe and appears to be waving "Hello" to the camera.

❤️ Hi, I'm Jamiese. These pages showcase the blog posts, graphic designs, and print on demand products I've recently created on a number of topics of interest to me. I sincerely hope you'll enjoy them, as well.

On every page, you'll also find links to my social media accounts and print on demand stores... 

Welcome to My Blog


❤️ If you like popular culture, sports, dinosaurs, animals, history, geography, butterflies, tribal affairs, the cosmos, or just the plain and simple truth, I believe you're going to enjoy your visit here...

Welcome to My Design Gallery


❤️ I create all of my graphic designs from images that come from either of these four types of sources: Either the image is in the public domain, the copyright status is unknown, I own a license to publish, or I've been granted permission from the owner to publish.


I make changes to every source image to make the creation my own. I hope you enjoy... 

Welcome to My Product Showcase


❤️ Here you'll see my designs as they appear on actual products. Each image includes a link to the product at either my Redbubble or TeePublic print on demand store, or to both if the product is available at both. 

Links to my overall Redbubble and TeePublic stores are included in the social media bar at the bottom of this and every page...

About Pixoplanet


❤️ I have two passions on display here – writing and graphic design. I love to blog and create digital artwork that advocates for science, inclusion, and the truth.


I write about what I consider to be important, interesting, and/or popular topics of the day.


My designs incorporate whatever thought-provoking, respectful, loving, cute, funny, and/or silly ideas my warped mind manages to come up with.

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